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'A Tranquil Resting Place'

A Tranquil Resting Place

Chung Tian Temple's pagoda is surrounded by nature and designed in a traditional Chinese architectural style. It is peaceful location to pay respects to ancestors and loved ones. Inside the pagoda, the main shrine is dedicated to Amitabha Buddha who vowed to alleviate all beings from suffering and reach enlightenment.

The pagoda has three halls. The center hall has a large Amitabha statue and represents the Pure Land. The ceiling with its Eight Celestial Beings conveys the ideal beauty of the Pure Land.


The Western hall has Amitabha Buddha seated on a lotus throne. This hall is used for memorial services and to pay respects to ancestors and family. Around the walls are ceramic plaques of Amitabha Buddha that can be purchased as a memorial.


The Eastern hall has Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva at its center. His vow was, “not until Hell is vacant shall I become a Buddha”. The walls are lined with plaques of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

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Our Services

Humanistic Buddhism, as promoted by Ven Master Hsing Yun, has the vision of looking after people throughout their lives.


The pagoda functions as a columbarium to provide a tranquil final resting place that offers absolute peace to our departed loved ones. This also aims at reminding us to exemplify the act of filial piety in our daily life and to pass on the virtue from generation to generation.


Reservation of Columbarium Niche


Sponsoring Buddha Statues

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Reservation of Memorial Plaque


Buddhist Inurnment Ceremony


Light Offerings for the Deceased


Chanting Service for the Deceased


As the sutras state: “Of all offerings, the offering of the Dharma is supreme.” One can purify the mind and develop character from the practice of calligraphy, letting one’s body and mind become righteous and true.  This tradition is a creation and strong feature of Chinese Buddhism.


The sutras also state: “From transcribing the sutras one is able to accomplish great goals.” When transcribing the sutras, one writes each stroke, each letter, each word, and each sentence with a heart of utmost sincerity. With a full commitment of body and mind and total concentration, one enters into a state of single-mindedness. 

The hall provides the facility to transcribe the Heart Sutra and dedicate the merits to loved ones.

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