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Vegetarian Dining

'Savour the flavours of meat-free cuisine'

For All Vegetarian Food Lovers

Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple has a variety of dining options to manifest Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s ideal of “compensating droplets of kindness with springs of gratitude”.


From casual dining and a cafe experience at Water Drop Teahouse to a vegetarian buffet at Fo Guang Cultural Centre and the main Dining Hall.

Fresh Baked Scones

Tea House


At Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Water Drop Teahouse, the surrounding environment provides a sense of tranquility and peace. 


The atmosphere is ideal for meeting with friends and sampling delicious vegetarian food, followed by tea, coffee and cake. 

Fo Guang Cultural Centre


Fo Guang Cultural Centre offers a serene environment for reading, complemented by a selection of traditional tea and a vegetarian buffet.


It is the perfect location to unwind and indulge in some quiet time.

Dining Hall

Our Dining Hall offers more than just a meal. It is a space where you can come together with others, enjoy a diverse selection of vegetarian food, and build a sense of community with other like-minded diners. 


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